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Whether you live alone or have a large family in your home, you count on your kitchen appliances to stay on and working at all times. You should be able to rely on your refrigerator to keep your food fresh and cold, and when something goes wrong it can be very stressful, especially if it was recently stocked.

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What are Common Signs That Your Fridge is in Need of Repair?

If your repair is not an emergency, but a number of problems have persisted over time, we are here to help. Our factory certified team of Jacksonville refrigerator repair technicians is happy to show up when you need us, quickly getting to the bottom of the problem and offering a solution.

Common signs that your refrigerator is in need of repair:

  • Fridge has stopped cooling properly
  • Fridge is making strange, loud noises
  • Fridge has become humid or is starting to condensate
  • Fridge is filling up with ice or frost

Contact us at (904) 479-1398 to learn more about the extensive services Atlantic Coast Appliance can provide. For experienced Jacksonville refrigerator repair, reach out today!

Troubleshooting Common Refrigerator Problems

Issues may come up every now and then that may not necessarily require a repair, such as the water dispenser no longer working, ice dispenser not ejecting, thin ice, large ice cubes, and increases in your energy bill. Below we go over some ways to troubleshoot the matter at home. If you try these solutions and it is still not working correctly, it contact a professional Jacksonville refrigerator repair company as quickly as possible. Our team at Atlantic Coast Appliance has 35 years of experience and we are licensed and insured, providing you with top-quality repairs.

Refrigerator Stopped Making Ice

There are many reasons why the ice maker could have stopped working. A common one being that the ice has become too large and it is creating a clog. If you do not use your dispenser all the time, the melting and refreezing of the water can cause the ice cubes to fuse together which clogs up the ice maker. To fix this, remove the storage bin and break up the large pieces. If it is frozen completely, try dumping it or allowing it to melt in the sink. When the storage bin is empty, replace it, and the ice maker should begin working again. To avoid this from happening again, try using your dispenser more often.

Why isn’t my refrigerator cooling?

If you’re finding that your refrigerator isn’t cooling, follow the steps below to understand the cause.

  1. Check the temperature settings: Ensure that the temperature is set correctly and, if necessary, adjust accordingly.
  2. Clean the condenser coils: Dust or pet hair can clog the condenser coils, making it harder for your refrigerator to cool properly. Vacuum the coils to remove the dirt and debris.
  3. Make sure there’s adequate airflow: If the condenser fan or evaporator fan is blocked, it can prevent your refrigerator from cooling properly. Check to make sure the fans are able to move freely without obstruction.
  4. Inspect the door seal: A faulty door seal can allow warm air to enter the refrigerator, preventing it from cooling properly. Replace the seal if necessary.
  5. Check for a blown fuse: A blown fuse can cause your refrigerator not to cool. Check for any visible signs of damage and replace the fuse as needed.
  6. Ensure the condenser fan is working: If the condenser fan is not running, the refrigerator might not be able to cool properly. Make sure the fan is functional and replace if necessary
  7. Check for a refrigerant leak: If your refrigerator is leaking refrigerant, it can cause cooling issues. Have a qualified technician inspect your unit to determine if there’s a leak and repair it accordingly.
  8. Have a professional inspect your unit: If none of the above solutions solve the problem, have a qualified technician inspect your refrigerator to determine what’s causing the cooling issue and repair as necessary. This will help ensure that your refrigerator is running properly and efficiently.

For refrigerator repair trusted in Jacksonville for over 35 years, call Atlantic Coast Appliance at (904) 479-1398. Schedule your service today.

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We had service from Atlantic Coast Appliance and tech was Joe Cortez. He was excellent, prompt and courteous and explained all the procedures to solve our problem. We are very satisfied with all our interactions with this company.

Donna G.

Joe came to repair a long standing dishwasher problem. He was clean, courteous, and knowledgeable. Came as scheduled and called first to confirm. We’re very satisfied with Atlantic Coast.

Bob G.

I called four different repair people over the last month, including two very big named ones that advertise on TV all the time, trying to get my washing machine repairs. Three of the four confirmed their appointments the day before they were supposes to show up…but Atlantic Coast Appliance was the only one that actually came. With in 15 minutes he was able to identify the issue and had it resolved in less then an hour. They did a great job, I wish I had tried calling them first….thank you!!!!

Jonathon K.

This company is the real deal. Joe and Aaron are as talented as you get and really know Samsung Appliances. After dealing with Lakes Electronics who are rude and ill trained, it was a pleasure to work with a real talented group of people. Samsung’s quality is not stellar as most think and you really should not have to put $700.00 in a two year old refrigerator. I will definitely use Atlantic Coast again and will recommend them to our neighbors.

Charles M.