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Microwaves are an essential part of the modern kitchen. We have come to rely on these appliances to not only quickly prepare meals but also to reheat leftovers, defrost frozen foods, and even make popcorn. 

Mealtimes can quickly become chaotic, time-consuming, and inconvenient when your microwave malfunctions, but Atlantic Coast Appliance can help get your kitchen back up and running quickly. Our experienced Jacksonville microwave repair technicians can quickly determine what is wrong and deliver a cost-effective fix that will last. With over 35 years of experience and over 100,000 appliances repaired, our team has the skills, knowledge, and resources to get to the bottom of any issue fast. 

Common Microwave Issues

Our team at Atlantic Coast Appliance are prepared to handle the underlying causes of many types of microwave malfunctions, including:

A faulty door latch
The door latch of a microwave can fail due to excess wear and tear or age-related deterioration. When the latch fails, it will not be able to securely close the door, causing the unit to not heat properly or stop working entirely. If moisture or foreign objects are allowed in this area while it is open, it can cause further damage like burning out key components in the microwave.
A blown fuse or loose wiring might prevent the machine from operating correctly. Internal components such as filters and capacitors may also fail over time, leading to loss of power or other issues.
Poor maintenance of your microwave can lead to serious blockages and appliance failure. Without regular upkeep, food particles and other debris can become lodged in the unit’s vents or filters, preventing the microwave from properly circulating heat. This can cause the appliance to overheat or even catch fire due to an excess buildup of pressure. The interior components of the microwave, such as the fan, motor, and vents, may also become blocked due to inadequate maintenance. This blockage can lead to reduced airflow, which can cause severe strain on the internal workings of the appliance. Furthermore, food particles or debris that are not regularly removed from the interior walls of the microwave can cause sparks when they come into contact with the unit’s electrical components.
We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a 90-day warranty on all parts and labor. Give us a call at 904-479-1398 or contact us online to request a service appointment today.
We offer discounts to Military, First Responders and Senior Citizens.

Why Is My Microwave Malfunctioning?

Your microwave may not fail all at once. There will likely be one or more indicators that something is wrong with your unit, such as an inability to heat food properly (or heat up at all), a partial loss of functionality, sparks, or burning smells. If you have noticed any of these warning signs, it is probably time to call in our Jacksonville microwave repair technicians. We have the tools needed to diagnose what is wrong and what it will take to fix it. This may involve carefully disassembling and reassembling your microwave, which is why DIY fixes are not generally recommended.

It is also smart to get in touch with us sooner rather than later: If left unaddressed, an issue with your microwave could worsen to the point where it may be necessary to replace your unit entirely. Save time, money, and stress by reaching out to our professionals right away.

Get Rapid Repairs Today!

Never assume that you need to throw away a malfunctioning microwave! The fix may be simpler than you think and only require help from a member of our professional and friendly team. Our Jacksonville repair technicians can efficiently assess your unit, walk you through what is wrong, and explain what needs to be done to resolve the issue. We are known for our quality repairs at a price that’s fair, and you can rest assured we will make every effort to make our visit as fast and painless as possible. We offer free service calls with all repairs, so contact us online or call 904-479-1398 today if you are having trouble with your microwave.
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